VC (2013/11/10) - Step01- Basic Dissection/ Catalog of Butchery and Forms / Real Dissection & Independent Cutting

 Basic Dissection
01 Real Dissection/ 02  Technique Experiment

Systematic Method/ Real Dissection
Definition: Follow the real way people dissect whale body to create different geometries. All the geometries are created by the following three techniques:
1. Cut the whale into three pieces(species)- head, middle and tail part. (Level 1)
2. Cut the meat at back bone area and strip out the meat.(Level 2) 
3. Cut the meat at the middle and create smaller pieces. (Level 3)

Independent Cutting/ Technique Experiment
Definition:Choose single part of muscle and experiment different kind of cutting techniques. Including
1 &2 Basic Chopping( Side Muscle &Back Muscle),
3 Curve Cutting( Head Organs),
4 Cutting with Motion Path( Head Muscle),
5 Separate tendons( Wing Muscle)
6 Cutting with Deformer( Bottom Muscle).

Strategy/ Outline of Design Process

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