Design Actions: The death of Whales

I sort out the actions and information which I would like to use in my design. I want to immitate the entire death procedure of whales in MAYA, including hunting, dissectting and decomposing. All these actions might change the exterior shape and interior space of whales' body, and each one of them could work with each other.

Actions of Design 01: Outline
Whaling (insert object into meat), Dissectting ( Create shape from whale's body) and Decomposing(Create interesting pores and scars = spaces in whale's body)

Actions of Design 02: Whaling
People use harpoons to attack whales, and it means to insert some objects into whale's body. When we pierce the harpoons into whale's body, we not only change tits body structure but also create some new spaces inside its body.

Actions of Design 03: Dissectting
Through dissectting we can see some different information which could be hardly seen in the whole entity. Now we can find what's the feature of whal's muscles, organs and bones, and when we use different tools and ways to cut its body, something new happens.

Actions of Design 04: Decomposing
Whale carcass is the main source of a lot of creatures, like polar bear, see bird, shark, bacteria, ect. I am fascinated with the rough section of whale's corpse, and that gives me an idea that I can not only use those artifical tools to cut whale's meat, but also use those animal teeth and mouth to split the whale's body, and the result could be totally different from using artificial knifes to cut whale's meat. I will start to experiment all these actions after I finished my 3d whale model.

Dissection: Inside Nature's Giants Sperm Whale

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