Whale's Anatomy: Jonah's House, the idea.

For the design issue " Butchery", I chose spern whale as my research topic. Sicnce there are so many history contextes and imaginations about "living in whales", I think it would be very interesting to use whale as material of architecture.

Anatomy 01: Moby Dick, Jonah and  Pinocchio
In bible we have Jinah, the Prophet. God ask him to go to Nepal slightly Town and to save the people there, but he refuseed. As punishment, God sent a whale and swallows him, keep him inside the whale. We also have Pinocchio's story, This puppet found his father in the stomach of a whale when he was traveling to the dream land. Of course we can't forget the novel Moby Dick. Since the ancient times people start to dream about living in this giant creature, I believe it would very interesting to use whale body to build architecture. 

Anatomy 02: The history of whaling
Since whales are such valuable things, people have hunted them for quite a long time; and we also developed some specific weapon to attack these giant preys. I think the most interesting thing is the spear which we use to hunting whales. Some spears were used to attack whale's heart, some were used to attack their brain. These weapons are not like the knifes which used for carefully dissecting- these are even more brutal- and they may become part of my design tools, too. 

Anatomy 03: The whale oil
The most valuable part in whale is not its meat, but its oil. Whale oil was obtained by boiling strips of blubber harvested from whales. This process was called "trying out". The boiling was carried out on land in the case of whales caught close to shore or beached. On longer deep-sea whaling expeditions, the trying-out was carried out on the ship itself so that the waste carcass could be thrown away to make room for the next catch.It gives me the idea that maybe we could use these "fat", "oil" to create something more fluidity and malleable Stuff.

Anatomy 04: Whale Carcass
These are some brutal and romantic images from internet. After these giant creatures died and started to corrupt, you can see all the organs, parasites inside it's body, full of aboriginal beauty. It is just like ruins of ocean castles.

Anatomy 05: Whale Sushi & Sashimi 
I believe Sushi (Sashimi)  are one of the most beautiful dishes in the world. they both required very specific procedures to deal it's flesh. In the same time all the materials of Sushi (Sashimi) are made by one of the most terrible butchery in the world.

Anatomy 06: Muscular system of Whale

Anatomy 07: Skeleton of Whale

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